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Kickstart Culture in the Workplace: Last Chance to Apply

Polly Jean Harrison
With the deadline for the #KickstartScheme approaching, we speak to @WalesFintech @predictiveblack @FundingOptions who have taken on their own kickstarter to hear their experiences...

Imposing ESG and Meeting Net Zero Is Too Expensive for UK SMEs; COP26 Lobby Group Claims

Tyler Smith
With SMEs being responsible for around half of carbon emissions, a group of financial services providers, including @FundingOptions and #Swishfund have signed an #openletter calling...

Funding Options: Why It’s Time To Drop ‘Alternative’ From ‘Alternative Finance’

Tyler Smith
Simon Cureton of @FundingOptions details the benefits of new competition, the hold that fintechs currently enjoy over their incumbent neighbours, and why exactly we should...