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CryptoValley Tour – Blockchain Bootcamp for 30 People @ Zug, Switzerland
May 24 – May 25 all-day
CryptoValley Tour - Blockchain Bootcamp for 30 People @ Zug, Switzerland

Learning about Blockchain and the rapidly evolving crypto economy does not have to be elusive or frustrating. This event is designed to get rid of the hype and accelerate your deep insights into the future of crypto finance.

Join 30 Fintech Investors & Finance Leaders from the UK for a 2 day visit to the world-wide famous Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland to give you exclusive access to the latest know-how in Blockchain innovation, Smart Contracts, Crypto Finance, Digitial IDs, Tokenomics, ICOs, and Crypto exchanges.

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BlockShow Europe 2018 | Berlin
May 28 – May 29 all-day
BlockShow Europe 2018 | Berlin

BlockShow Europe 2018 powered by Cointelegraph is one of the major international platforms for showcasing innovative Blockchain solutions, revealing hottest industry trends & sensations and bringing together the global Blockchain community. The conference will take place on may 28-29 in Berlin – one of the major European centres for FinTech and a capital for many trending sectors and industries.

As an international event, BlockShow is bringing together the global Blockchain community, as well as demonstrating multiple new solutions for implementation and enhancement of the Blockchain technology; the conference is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and ICOs, and introduce Blockchain to the World. Our team’s aspiration is to exhibit the industry’s most groundbreaking use cases, as well as bring businesses together with the Blockchain.

BlockShow Europe 2018 is to attract over 3000 guests, 120+ partners, over 70 globally recognized speakers and much more. Just like last year, we will be happy to welcome venture funds and entrepreneurs from all over the world, searching for new projects and business perspectives. Each participant will enjoy a unique opportunity to gain company growth and attract new clients.

Additionally, the event provides a platform for businesses to reveal their new products, get feedback on their new solutions and share their thoughts in a panel discussion and on the stage.

Learn more and register for BlockShow Europe 2018 here! Moreover, don’t forget to save 20% from your ticket purchase and get the most profitable deal right now with the code EVENTHUNTER.

See you in Berlin!

Finnovation Africa | 31.05 & 6.06
May 31 all-day
Finnovation Africa | 31.05 & 6.06

Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 will held at the Radisson Blu Nairobi on the
31st of May 2018 and Finnovation Africa: South Africa 2018 will held at the
Radisson Blu Gautrain Johannesburg on the 6th June 2018, both will tackle
the most pressing questions for the progress of FinTech and the positive and
profitable transformation of banking in Africa, providing a platform for all
stakeholders to engage in creating the future of financial services on the
continent – from established banking powerhouses to FinTech start‐ups.

The events will gather all stakeholders and influencers in the African
FinTech ecosystem from the key markets across Africa and internationally.
Government policymakers, leading banks & financial institutions, legacy and
neo payment players, international & regional influencers, the tech start‐up
community on the continent, and investors, will come together at Finnovation
Africa 2018 in Kenya and South Africa with the objective of harnessing the
FinTech revolution to enable the positive and profitable transformation of

A radically disrupted event format with world‐class speakers and more than
300 carefully selected participants

Finnovation Africa: Kenya and South Africa 2018 will tackle the most
pressing questions for the progress of FinTech in Africa, providing a
platform for all stakeholders to engage in creating the future of financial
services in Africa. The event will focus on the following major issues:

The Digital Transformation of Banking: Mobile Money, Payments Innovation,
Open Banking in Africa

Finclusion & Islamic Finance

Blockchain & Bitcoin: Realities in Africa

CyberSecurity ‐ Strengthening Resilience in the Age of Disruption

Founder’s PainPoints

The Wolves’ Den

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Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 | Nairobi
May 31 all-day
Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 | Nairobi

The impact of Blockchain, Open Banking, Mobile Money and Payment innovations are radically transforming the financial services landscape as FinTech disruptors intensify the challenge to incumbent banks and kickstart new opportunities in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya: Africa’s financial sector is in the midst of an exciting and profound transformation. The rapid growth of FinTech on the continent is driving the disruption and, in many cases, leapfrogging of legacy systems as innovators accelerate the digital transformation of financial services across Africa. This has further spurred the leading incumbent banks in Africa to more rapidly ramp-up their own innovative approaches to meet the financial needs of under-served markets across the continent.

FinTech players are increasingly becoming an important part of the fabric of Africa’s financial services industry. In addition, the leading banks on the continent are now harnessing innovative technology and are also collaborating with FinTech start-ups to better connect with under-served consumers, improve financial inclusion and provide a platform to scale much faster.

The hugely successful events in our Finnovation Africa Series hosted in Uganda and Ethiopia during 2017 saw more than 500 thought leaders, FinTech pioneers and bankers representing the foremost financial institutions from across the continent gather to address how FinTech can contribute to the positive and profitable transformation of financial services in Africa. Against this dynamic backdrop, Ethico Live! is now excited to announce the expansion of the series with the launch of Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018, which will be held on the 31st of May 2018 at the Radisson Blu Nairobi. The event will seek to harness the FinTech revolution to boost strategic economic priorities such as financial inclusion and deepening – and how FinTech can make a positive and profitable difference in Africa.

With a focus on the most significant technologies driving the financial services paradigm shift, including Blockchain & Bitcoin, Open Banking & APIs, Payment innovations, and Mobile Money & Digital Wallets, Finnovation Kenya 2018 also features a number of innovative sessions such as The Wolves’ DenSilicon Savannah: Tales of Financial and Technology Start-ups in KenyaFounder’s PainPointsInside the Investor’s Mind, and live-on-stage interviews with international Finnovators and African FinTech pioneers.

Speaking at the announcement of the launch of Finnovation Kenya 2018, David McLean, President of Ethico Live, said that: “FinTech holds a particularly powerful promise for Africa especially as an enabler of key strategic priorities, such as financial inclusion and deepening. The impact of new disruptive financial technologies is well placed to be genuinely socially useful, meaningfully improving how ordinary people engage with financial services and therefore deliver broader-based positive economic outcomes across the continent. FinTech also sets the bar higher for incumbent banks in terms of their own innovation agendas as the leading banks internationally and in Africa seek to make digital profitable and explore collaboration opportunities with FinTech trail-blazers. We are very excited to be bringing Finnovation to the well-established and high-growth Kenyan market and look forward to progressing discussions on the digital transformation of financial services in Africa.”

Chris Principe, international FinTech thought leader, shared some persuasive insights while speaking on the sidelines of the Finnovation Africa Series: “A very positive story, if one that is not yet well understood, is unfolding in Africa. New technology, new ideas and new business models are producing new opportunities. The distinctions between telecom services providers, payments services providers and financial institutions are breaking down. In virtually all African countries, there are sufficient numbers of mobile phones ‐ which are not necessarily smartphones ‐ for previously unbanked people to have access to high quality financial services at low cost. Innovative companies are using Blockchain technology and crypto‐currencies to resolve fundamental problems such as lack of access to electricity and lack of access to global financial markets. Finnovation Africa highlights how FinTech is transforming Africa for the better, facilitating payments, boosting financial inclusion and developing new enterprises. However, the conference does much more than that, as it engages key stakeholders to reveal how the entire world is changing. In many ways, Africa is a FinTech leader, rather than a follower.”

Combining a highly innovative and interactive event format with world‐class speakers and more than 300 carefully selected participants, Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 will take place at the Radisson Blu Nairobi on the 31st of May 2018 and will tackle the most pressing questions for the progress of FinTech in Africa, providing a platform for all stakeholders to engage in creating the future of financial services on the continent – from established banking powerhouses to FinTech start‐ups.

For further details, please contact:

Sanay Lalwani, Media & Marketing Lead: Finnovation at Ethico Live!

[email protected]

Contact No – +91 124 418 2794/5

Money 2020 | Amsterdam at RAI
Jun 4 – Jun 6 all-day
Money 2020 | Amsterdam at RAI
An unmissable event for the smartest visionaries and innovators, Money20/20 is the destination where payments, FinTech and financial services come together to connect and create the future of money.
CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit
Jun 13 all-day
CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit


A must attend event if you are looking to find out more about blockchain technology or digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

An exhibition featuring 50+ companies that are making waves in the blockchain industry, plus investment panels, business panels and presentations from the likes of Ripple, Coinbase, Coinfloor, Citi, VanEck, BlockEx and BP Prime.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Chris Burniske – Co-founder of Placeholder Ventures
  • Zeeshan Feroz – CEO (UK) at Coinbase
  • Obi Nwosu – CEO and Co-founder at Coinfloor
  • Stephan Tual – Founder & COO of
  • Simon Taylor – Co-founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11:FS
  • Amir Ness – Founder at Elevate Group
  • Ryan Radloff – CEO CoinShares UK
  • Glen Goodman (aka The Shares Guy) – “the world’s most followed investing expert.”
  • Vlad Cealicu – Co-founder and CTO at CryptoCompare
  • Vitaliy Kedyk – Executive Director at CEX.IO
  • Edd Carlton – Head of OTC Trading at BlockEx
  • Eugene Kovalyk – CMO at CEX.IO
  • Paulo Fiorio – Marketing Manager at Genesis Mining
  • Mark Lamb – Co-founder of Coinfloor
  • Rick Burnett – Founder/CEO of Laneaxis
  • Ruth Wandhöfer – Managing Director/Global Head of Regulatory and Market Strategy at Citi
  • Danny Aranda – Managing Director of Strategic Growth at Ripple
  • Teana Baker-Taylor – Chief Marketing Officer at Coinfloor
  • Norbert Redkie – CEO and Founder of TRUST
  • Cassius Kiani –
  • Martin Wos – Co-CEO and CVO at Block Stocks
  • Estefano Elhawary – Co-CEO and CMO at Block Stocks
  • Joshua Riddett –  Founder & Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter
  • Giacomo Zucco – Founder of BHB Network
  • Alexander Fedotov – Director at Olshansky and Partners

Come and join the pioneers, innovators and thought leaders of the blockchain industry at the CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit on June 13th.  

For the latest details and to book tickets go to To find out about exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities call: 07980 868 676 or email: [email protected]. To enquire about press passes email: [email protected]

Blockchain Economic Forum | San Francisco, USA
Jun 16 – Jun 19 all-day
Blockchain Economic Forum | San Francisco, USA

Blockchain can be considered the most disruptive technology since the invention of the internet. LATOKEN, a crypto exchange and multi-asset tokenization platform, is proud to announce its third event dedicated to bridging blockchain with the global economy: Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF).

BEF Singapore and New York attracted over 1,600 investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, decision-makers, and opinion leaders, such as Vicente Fox (former president of Mexico),  Reese Jones (Singularity University), Jean Claude Donato (Nikaia Ventures), Miko Matsumura (Evercoin), Peter Bergstrom (BitBlock Ventures), Daniel Heller (ex-IMF), Hanna Halaburda (Bank of Canada, NYU), Toni Lane Casserly (Cointelegraph), and Nicholas Merten (DataDash, 285k+ YouTube subscribers). Building on the success of  these events, LATOKEN is delighted to host BEF in San Francisco on June 16-19, 2018.

BEF SF is a four-day event that is expected to be attended by over 2,000 participants, including many leaders from the world of technology, business, media and politics. The forum will host over 40 inspiring discussions on blockchain opportunities for strategic development of real sector companies, industry regulation, technology updates, as well as marketing and PR for blockchain and crypto startups.

“Blockchain Economic Forum is designed to empower pioneers to find ideas, investments, partners, and friends. Together we will make crypto official and widespread in order to automate capital markets, money and states. This will save billions of working hours each year. Blockchain can automate elections, courts, state finances and make them more transparent. As a result, 6 billion people will overcome corruption to catch up with the golden billion. This is how emerging economies may grow by $400 trillion. At the same time, the costs of state services in developed countries will likely be halved.”, says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LATOKEN and Chair of BEF Organizing Committee.

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2nd Annual Intelligent Automation: Financial Services | 9-11 July, London
Jul 9 – Jul 11 all-day

Actionable, Applicable and Achievable Intelligent Automation to Revolutionise Financial Services

Join 60+ banking, insurance and financial services leaders as they discuss cutting edge automation topics, including; the shift from RPA to cognitive automation, nurturing unstructured data, the importance of bot IDs, real-time data opportunities, transforming the customer journey, back office machine learning capabilities and using intelligent automation to administer regulatory compliance. No other automation event caters to the financial sector better!

It’s  not just RPA and AI that are going to make a change to your business’ performance, rather it is when you converge these technologies with others such as BPM and data analytics that you can really penetrate the realms of what’s possible and deliver a better, more personalised service to your customers or simply make major FTE savings.

Intelligent Automation: Financial Services is the first of its kind in the original and leading RPA & AI series of events, so join us this summer to learn how to:

  • Make the shift from RPA to cognitive automation
  • Develop a data-driven business that will converge with RPA and AI
  • Maximise intelligent technologies for customer-centric or top-line results

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3rd Annual Internet of Insurance Conference | London @ Pullman St Pancras
Sep 4 – Sep 5 all-day
3rd Annual Internet of Insurance Conference | London @ Pullman St Pancras

Managing Risk, Increasing Profitability and Improving Efficiency for Insurers and Reinsurers through IoT, AI and Data.
Now in its third year, the annual Internet of Insurance is Europe’s leading forum exploring how IoT and emerging technologies are enabling insurers and reinsurers to streamline process, achieve new insights for risk profiling and offer new ‘cross-industry’ services premised on preventing incidents.

Through a combination of end-user case studies and expert insight, Internet of Insurance will equip delegates with the skillset to capture future market share by leveraging IoT, AI and data to minimise risk, prevent claims and improve customer experience.

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