Category : Women in Tech

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Search for Second Cohort in UAE

Francis Bignell
The United States Mission to the UAE and startAD, the Abu Dhabi-based accelerator powered by Tamkeen and anchored at NYU Abu Dhabi, are accepting applications...

The Micro-Mentorship Programme To Empower Female Leadership in Fintech Is Launched by Fi911

Francis Bignell
A micro-mentorship programme to empower female leadership across the ever-growing fintech and payments arena has been launched by Chargebacks911‘s sister company, Fi911. LIFT: Elevating Women...

Fintech Association of Malaysia Appoints First Woman President

Polly Jean Harrison
The Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM), a key enabler and national platform for the facilitation of Malaysia’s journey to becoming a leading hub for Financial...