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Nice Actimize Tackles Complex Networked Financial Crime With AI-Powered Case Management Solution

Financial crime, risk and compliance solution provider NICE Actimize has launched its new case management ‘ActOne10’ solution; aiming to help financial institutions uncover complex crime – such as money mule rings and nested correspondent banking.

Nice Actimize launched the solution to prevent poor enterprise case management, resulting in investigator frustration and operational inefficiency. The AI-powered ActOne10 solution offers dynamic workflow management, risk insights, and network analytics, within a unified platform for solving complex financial crime.

As both the cost and complexity compliance continually rise for financial institutions, banks, and corporations – so have the number of transactions that need to be monitored. The worldwide shift toward becoming cashless has also continued – ensuring that efficiency is of the upmost importance to financial institutions.

By automating manual and repetitive steps, visualising deeper insights, and proactively exposing associated risks, the solution can identify and solve complex financial crimes. As a result, ActOne10 allows financial institutions to operate at the speed of risk while enhancing operational efficiency.

Nice Actimize explained that the new solution offers a range of key features to help identify networked financial crime. ActOne10’s network analytic capabilities enable it to find non-obvious connections between entities and ascertain inferred risk within the network.

The solution’s actionable risk insights help to reduce research time by delivering intelligence during investigations. It also removes the obstacles of integrating and maintaining data connectivity to insights from the ecosystem and automatically notifies analysts.

Dynamic workflow management in ActOne10 provides a data-driven, risk-calibrated workflow to increase the speed of decisioning while improving efficiency. This feature also enables the solution to provide complete transparency and a full audit.

Meeting ‘the challenges of today and tomorrow’

Justin McLean, general manager at NICE Actimize, said: “Criminals are rarely lone wolves; they operate in packs. NICE Actimize’s ActOne10 is the first solution of its kind that combines financial crime case management with advanced identity resolution and network risk analytics to detect non-obvious relationships between entities”.

Craig Costigan, CEO of NICE Actimize, explained the current need for such a solution: “Financial institutions require a powerful combination of intelligence, visualisation, and automation to enable analysts and investigators to reduce investigation time, manage workflows, and enable smarter decisions.

“Our market-leading alert and case management solution meets the challenges of today and tomorrow, providing the heart and intelligence for financial crime-fighting units”.

NICE Actimize provides real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering detection, as well as trading surveillance solutions that address concerns including payment fraud, cybercrime, sanctions monitoring, market abuse, customer due diligence and insider trading.


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