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Wellx Prioritises Health and Wellbeing This Ramadan With Sunrise to Sunset: Ramadan Recharge Launch

Merchants must prioritise their customers’ well-being and health, and during Ramadan, this is especially the case. Playing its part in ensuring this is the case, Wellx, the insurtech platform offering wellbeing solutions is launching a new initiative: ‘Sunrise to Sunset: Ramadan Recharge’.

The Ramadan Recharge Programme addresses a critical need for businesses aiming to prioritise the health and well-being of their workforce during the holy month. All the while it ensures productivity levels are maintained. With the unique challenges of fasting and altered routines, maintaining well-being becomes paramount, and Wellx aims to provide comprehensive support to corporates navigating this terrain.

The initiative offers businesses across various sectors a comprehensive approach to employee wellness by integrating fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall well-being activities. Participants will gain access to personalised fitness plans, nutrition guidance, mental health resources, and daily well-being challenges, all tailored to support them on their well-being journey throughout Ramadan.

By focusing on the holy month of Ramadan, Wellx seeks to resonate with the entire community choosing to fast, offering a pathway to improved health and spiritual fulfillment. This initiative shows dedication to fostering healthier habits, improving productivity, and enhancing the quality of life, aligning with the beautiful culture of Ramadan in the UAE.

Catering to each consumer individually

A standout feature of the programme is its personalised approach, aligning each activity with the essence of the season. From incorporating fasting-friendly recipes to offering mindfulness exercises tailored for the holy month, the Ramadan Wellness Programme ensures participants can fully engage in their well-being journey while honouring their religious practices.

Moreover, participants will be able to log their daily fast, choose their emirate for accurate prayer and fasting times, access precise suhoor and iftar times, and enjoy motivational quotes provided in the app. Additionally, a wealth of insightful videos and articles related to nutrition, movement, and other essential aspects of Ramadan will be available, aiding participants in remaining healthy and stress-free during this holy month.

Vaibhav Kashyap, CEO and co-founder at Wellx
Vaibhav Kashyap, CEO and co-founder at Wellx

“We understand the significance of wellbeing, especially during Ramadan, when individuals face additional physical and mental challenges,” stated Vaibhav Kashyap, CEO and co-founder at Wellx. “The Ramadan Recharge Programme is purpose-built to equip businesses with a holistic programme that caters to the diverse needs of their employees, promoting physical health, mental resilience, and overall wellness. As an insurance partner, we continue to push the boundaries of the role an insurer fulfils and are investing in the long-term habits and health of our members.”

Footprints to Faith

To add an element of friendly competition, the programme includes the Wellx 5,000 Steps Challenge – ‘Footprints to Faith’ where participants can enter a raffle draw to win a Wellx Day by consistently completing 5,000 steps for 20 days out of 30.

This challenge is designed not only to encourage physical activity but also to introduce participants to the Wellx platform’s holistic approach to health and insurance. Active participation and goal achievement in the app allow users to earn X-coins, enhancing their insurance experience and offering a wide range of health-related services and products.

Javed Akberali, managing director and co-founder at Wellx
Javed Akberali, managing director and co-founder at Wellx

In addition to benefits, this month-long programme has significant advantages for corporates. By participating in the programme, businesses can showcase their dedication to employee health and wellness, fostering a positive work culture and enhancing employee morale and engagement.

“We firmly believe that investing in a health insurance plan that prioritises employee wellbeing is a strategic decision with far-reaching benefits for businesses,” remarked Javed Akberali, managing director and co-founder at Wellx. “The Ramadan Recharge Programme presents corporations with a valuable opportunity to reprioritise the health and happiness of their workforce, ultimately driving productivity, retention, and overall organisational success along with managing healthcare costs.”

The Ramadan Wellness Programme is an exclusive opportunity for Wellx users to enrich their journey during this sacred month. By integrating fitness, nutrition, and mental health activities, participants will experience a holistic approach to wellness tailored to the essence of Ramadan.


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