The FINOVATE Europe showcased the best financial innovations

What are the most successful and dynamic global fintech-sartups are mostly about and focused on? The FINOVATE Europe, hosted in London on 7-8th of February, showcased (via a fast-paced, demo-only format) that the best financial innovations and solutions do rounds across KYC, security, ID-verification, AI-driven financial assistance, multi-algorithm based investment solutions and VR-based financial customer experience.

The best of show (the list of seven startups-winners): Backbase, Crealogix, Dorsum, eToro, Memento, SaleMove, Tink. 

Backbase helps to create rich, interactive web portals and mobile applications in a smart (AI-based) way.

CREALOGIX integrates VR experience with digital banking. You can track and manage your personal finances via VR.

Dorsum helps financial companies via its Botboarding platform to create onboarding chatbots which are incorporating a human like way of communication with traditional customer data gathering and user profiling to help banks to acquire new customers in a fast and frictionless way.

eToro has its worldwide social trading network of more than five million members that makes investing smarter and enjoyable by automatically copying the leading traders in the community.

Memento is the next generation social payment platform for banks. It delivers the technology, expertise and support so that any bank can successfully launch its own social payment ecosystem to the market in a matter of weeks.

SaleMove is the Engagement Platform creating an enterprise-level solution for high-touch engagement with online customers via chat and dual-cursor guided cobrowsing, as well as video and voice.

Tink automatically categorize and organize your finances to make it easy for you to follow your spending over time.

Congratulations to all the winners and until next time, Finovate!

Kate Shcheglova, editor-in-chief of Future,

contributor of The FinTech Times

Full photo reportage

Photos by Kate Shcheglova



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