Ubeeqo, a car just when you need it

Ubeeqo is the new travel solutions app/website providing all your transport needs within one unique app

Ubeeqo was founded in 2008 in Paris, with one big idea: how can we change the urban car environment? For the last 60 years, the car has given us so much freedom. Except now, that freedom has turned into a very expensive jail. You park, you pay. You’re stuck in traffic, you pay. You drive, you pay. You don’t drive, you still pay. And 95% of the time you don’t use your car. Our aim at Ubeeqo is to bring in qualitative alternatives to car ownership. It is time to free people from their expensive cars and trade owning for just using a car.

One single App answering all your transport needs, business and private

Ubeeqo has launched the only 3 in 1 Mobility App in London. The App enables customers to book and pay for, either the renting of a Matcha car (our carclub scheme), a Europcar car, or an Addison Lee minicab.

This App is aimed at both individuals and professionals.  It’s so much easier to use 1 app to plan all your city trips, be it in your free time or in your business day. In our App, you just have to choose your account. Select Private account and you will pay for your ride. Select Business account and your company pays for it.

Answering the corporates challenges around urban mobility

Millions of people work in, and commute to London every day, and these people are faced with 2 problems. The first is the challenge of getting to the office, the second is the challenge of  moving around the City during the day. If you need to rush across the city you might find yourself hailing a taxi, if you have a several days training at another location you may find yourself renting a car with your colleagues and book through a rent-a-car agency. People are constantly jumping from one transport solution to another, and this can end up getting quite complicated.

We have interviewed a lot of people around London and professionals always experience the same difficulties; first, as a city traveler, it can be a nightmare working out how to get from one location to another, especially if there are uncertainties about transport methods. Secondly, each month, the average professional spends half a day organising their expense reports.

In addition, someone has to then manage these expense reports, and budgets. Most companies do not have the ability to manage their expense budget throughout the month, and that’s why we have developed a solution to provide full reporting, on an easy to use dashboard.

Ubeeqo for business: easy to book, easy to pay, easy to manage

mock up_UK_appThe product focuses on 3 main areas. Easy to book; The team can book from anywhere, anytime, from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet and each team member has their own account. Easy to pay; your team doesn’t have to pay anymore with their own cash or credit card. All reservations are recorded through the system and the business receives one invoice at the end of the month. Easy to manage; easy booking for the team comes with an easy budget follow up for the business account administrator. They have access to real time data on their interface and can see who has made what bookings, where, and at what price. 

Participate in the beta test launch!

The App was launched in January for the mass consumer market. Since then we have fine-tuned the product for businesses, and Ubeeqo for business is now available in a beta test version. During this beta there is no set-up fee, we only charge you for your team’s usage on the platform. No subscription fee, no commission for us, just your feedback. We’ll be glad to have you in our beta-tester community. Try it, you’ll love it!


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0044 (0)203 8070713

Check out here the online version.


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