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Crypto for Financial Inclusion: Unlocking the Crypto Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets: Fertile soil for crypto

With the aid of cryptocurrencies, emerging economies are seeing the dawn of a financial revolution. Less developed countries, where a significant part of the population has been financially excluded, are benefitting hugely from alternatives to cash.

Crypto wallets empower individuals by putting them in control of their finances, as well as representing attractive investment options in times of high inflation. In Brazil, South America’s biggest economy, more people are now opening crypto trading accounts than traditional securities. Commercial services like food and transportation are already accepting crypto payments. The real opportunity for growth in crypto is in countries where economic prospects are expanding.

Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain comments: “Emerging markets have always had a problem with their financial infrastructure. South America has 40% less banking per head than Europe and even advanced Brazil has 20% less banking than Europe and the US per head. Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain give Brazil and emerging economies a chance to leapfrog the legacy issues and opportunity to steal a march on G7 countries forever hijacked by their bankers.”

Brazio, the new token unlocking crypto opportunities in Brazil

Brazio is a secure digital currency, providing the people of Brazil with a doorway into the cryptocurrency revolution. Estimates indicate that 30% of Brazilian households have no access to banking/financial services. Brazio is the tool to change this, by enabling Brazilians to create their own financial infrastructure with a fair, self-governing, decentralised network.

The coin operates on Proof of Work, which means that any Brazilian with a computer can mine the coin at a 0% mining fee. Anyone with a PC or smartphone, and an internet connection can transact with Brazio. In fact, Brazio was designed to work optimally on personal computers, empowering individuals over financial institutions.


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