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Searching for Mana: The Currency Cold War | Dave Birch, Author, Advisor and Commentator

Dave Birch is an internationally recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money. Here he joins Stefan Ciecierski from Mana Search for a far-reaching conversation that covers the future of money, the coming era of digital currency, digital identity, shared ledgers and blockchain.

Dave is an ideal guest to comment on it all. He is named one of WIRED’s global top 15 favourite sources of news from the world of business and finance and was ranked the no.1 influencer in European emerging payments by Total Payments magazine. Listed in the top ten Twitter accounts followed by innovators, along with Bill Gates and Richard Branson (PR Daily); he is also ranked in the top three most influential people in London’s Fintech community (City A.M.), and voted one of the European “Power 50” people in digital financial services (Fintech Awards).

To kick off the episode, Dave walks Stefan through his latest book The Currency Cold War. From there, the conversation dives into the ways Dave affects financial regulation and digital currencies, the idea behind the synthetic hegemonic currency, and digital identity.

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Dave’s new book: The Currency Cold War

Episode Highlights:

02:19: The currency Cold War

12:20: The cryptocurrency boom

17:00: Bitcoin versus the tulip bubble

20:53: On digital currencies

25:47: On digital identity

38:53: Digital diligence and financial transparency

41:12: Shared ledgers versus blockchain


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