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Injazat Becomes First UAE Company To Join Singaporean Tech Trade Association

The UAE-based tech company Injazat is to collaborate with the Singaporean tech trade association SGTech on tech sharing, partnerships for digitalisation, innovation and sustainable progress.

Injazat, a G42 company focused on digital transformation, cloud and cyber security, is to pursue greater technology cooperation and business opportunities through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SGTech.

SGTech is a major tech trade association operating in Singapore and represents around 1,000 member companies from start-ups to multinational corporations.

The association aims to galvanise an ecosystem for innovation and technology through the provision of development support to emerging industry segments of Singapore’s technology industry.

Injazat's Martin Yates signs the MoU with SGTech
Injazat’s Martin Yates signs the MoU with SGTech

With the ink on the MoU now dry, Injazat has become the first international company to be included in the association which has historically only included Singaporean companies.

The collaboration has ultimately not just brought two companies together, but two extremely varied regions of the tech world, and together, the duo will work to facilitate cooperation and coordination between tech entities on projects such as smart city technologies and digital transformation.

Speaking on how the partnership between the UAE and Singapore SGTech will accelerate tech innovation in the two countries, Jamal Abdulla AlSuwaidi, the ambassador of the UAE to the Republic of Singapore, comments that the collaboration “reflects the special and deeply rooted bilateral relations binding the Republic of Singapore and the UAE.”

Martin Yates, CTO at Injazat
Martin Yates, CTO, Injazat

As a key initiator and facilitator of this cross-country collaboration, Martin Yates, CTO at Injazat, recognises that as countries strive to become globally competitive, establishing international ties is becoming increasingly important.

“By working across borders, collaborations can help reduce complexity, increase innovation and efficiencies, and allows us to focus on bigger projects,” explains Yates.

“With equally ambitious digital economy strategies, and fast-flourishing technology ecosystems, there is a growing convergence of sharing between GCC and South-East Asia countries.

“As the gateway to Singapore’s tech industry, our partnership with SGTech presents a great opportunity for the UAE’s tech industry to gain valuable knowledge and expand business horizons globally,” he concludes.


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