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Banque Saudi Fransi Streamlines Trading Operations and Consumer Cashback Capabilities

Tyler Pathe
Alongside the introduction of its new #LifestyleCreditCard, @Banque_Fransi has successfully implemented the first phase of the @Refinitiv Electronic Trading Platform System as part of its...

The TNFD Announces Its Taskforce of 30 Financial Execs, With 100 Institutions Joining the TNFD Forum

Francis Bignell
To tackle #nature related risks, the @TNFD_has announced a taskforce who will establish a risk management and disclosure framework, consisting of 35 members, who will...

Google Cloud Launches Datashare To Secure the Sharing of Market Data

Tyler Pathe
In order to facilitate higher security and efficiency around the transfer of market data, @googlecloud has recently launched Datashare, a new analytics solution for financial...