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Startup of the Month: KANTOX

Kantox is a multinational fintech company offering FX management solutions, and was founded in order to simplify the process of currency exchange with a transparent and easy-to-use tool.

The expertise and products offered by Kantox allow its customers to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate FX transactions and process international payments in a smart way. The company, headquartered in London and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, was born out of the idea of disintermediating banks and brokers from the foreign exchange process; the immediate result brought by Kantox is a cut-down of the costs and administration time for companies.

The company has created a platform that acts as a complete control panel, allowing clients to optimise their currency exposure. The transaction happens in four steps: the customers book their trade; they send the funds to Kantox – which keep them in segregated accounts held in leading UK banks; Kantox trades the currency either by matching it with another company or through the wholesale FX market; the clients receive the funds to their chosen beneficiary account.So far, Kantox has gathered more than 1800 clients and, in 2015, it reached over 3 billion US Dollars in total transaction in 20 countries, becoming one of the leading names in the industry. 

By Arturo Pallardo, Financial Writer at Kantox 


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