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Startup of the Month: DARWINEX

Darwinex is the revolutionary marketplace which bridges the gap between traders and investors. Using this online platform, traders get listed as a new asset class that investors, by backing the traders, can buy and sell.

For traders to succeed, they need a chance to show their skills. But the closed off financial system is traditionally a playing field accessible only by a selected bunch. Darwinex creates a new, better and fairer playing field that provides individual traders with the opportunity to put their strategies into use, enjoy trading and make a living.

Under Darwinex FCA (UK) regulation, traders benefit from optimal trading conditions and legal coverage to access the capitals of investors who, on the other hand, thanks to the platform’s patented algorithms, can filter and detect those traders who are more likely to succeed, building their portfolios in an intuitive way with less risks.

Unlike traditional investment services, both trader and investor interests are aligned because there are no hidden fees or middlemen involved in the process: traders get paid a performance fee from their investors only if they generate profits for them. With traders competing with each other for a share of investment, Darwinex becomes a natural selection applied to finance.

By Ignacio Colon, Head of Communication, Darwinex 


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