Startup of the Month: MONEY MOVER

Money Mover brings cutting edge technology to cross-border payments. Its online foreign exchange and global payments platform provides a secure and low cost way for businesses to make international payments.

In other words, Money Mover is targeting the $500bn that 5 million SMEs make in international payments every year.

Money Mover is a fintech startup with a compelling proposition in a huge market. Being a disruptor of the payment market, it differentiates itself from banks and the old world of FX brokers through complete transparency, a feature-rich web application and a simple fee structure.

The platform checks the rates, tell the admins who the users want to pay, and confirms their payment. Fees are all-inclusive and customers are not only shown the rate they will be receive but also the mid-market rates, usually unheard of. They can also see exactly how much of their home currency a foreign currency payment will cost. Users know exactly where their money is and when their payments will be received throughout the whole process via their dashboards and a series of email notifications.

Money Mover has been designed from scratch with the needs of the SME in mind.

By Susan Curtis, Marketing Manager, Money Mover


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