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SEON Launches Informative Video Series with Active Anonymous X Fraudster

SEON, the fraud fighters, has announced the launch of its unique new video miniseries aimed at educating merchants and financial institutions on the latest ways that fraudsters are able to break through security systems. To do this, SEON has enlisted the help of a prolific active hacker, who will talk viewers through the various techniques they use.

Hosted by SEON’s CCO, Jimmy Fong, Tools of the Trade will explore the methods fraudsters use to steal an individual’s data and commit fraud while remaining entirely undetected by websites’ security systems. Topics will range from device fingerprinting and IP analysis to email and phone analysis, and how website users’ identification can be stolen or purchased.

The first in the series of Tools of the Trade is now live and the professional fraudster will share some of the tools and techniques their fellow cybercriminals use to target companies, with a special focus on bypassing IP analysis and device identification.

Elsewhere in the series, to be released in the coming weeks, the fraudster will also explain exactly who they target, from websites to banks, or online marketplaces, and how they imitate internet users. They will also discuss the changing world of online fraud, in the face of increasingly intelligent security systems.

This forms part of the company’s mantra that in order for businesses to fight fraud, they need to know their enemies to fight them effectively. SEON’s fraud prevention solutions have been built on extensive research by its co-founders to relieve the pressure on fraud managers and staff as more businesses move to online.

SEON’s CEO and Founder, Tamas Kadar, said: “As we increasingly move much of our day to day transactions online, there is a greater opportunity for hackers to take advantage of people, stealing their identification and hard-earned cash. And while security systems in place are growing ever more intelligent to keep up with rising demand, fraudsters are forced to adapt quickly.

“With this informative video series, we want to highlight just how adept they are at taking advantage of individuals and the websites they use, so that we can better prepare merchants and financial institutions, and ensure they are fully protected.”


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