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Scottish Fintech Innovation Accelerated Through FinTech Scotland and Scottish Friendly Partnership

The Scottish fintech landscape is rapidly growing, with a variety of financial services subsectors such as life, savings and investments all developing innovation in the country. Ensuring this continues, financial mutual, Scottish Friendly has partnered with FinTech Scotland, the country’s fintech hub.

By joining forces with FinTech Scotland, Scottish Friendly is signalling its commitment to innovation and customer-centric financial solutions. The partnership will provide Scottish Friendly with deep insights into fintech areas such as open finance data and regulatory technology (regtech), which are crucial for the evolution of savings and investment strategies.

Alexander Manas, commercial director at Scottish Friendly
Alexander Manas, commercial director at Scottish Friendly

Scottish Friendly will actively participate in FinTech Scotland’s research and innovation roadmap, contributing to the shaping of the industry’s future. Their involvement is aimed at streamlining the life, savings and investment process, leveraging technology to make it as effortless and accessible as possible for consumers.

Alexander Manas, commercial director at Scottish Friendly said: “We are dedicated to helping individuals and their families achieve the best possible financial outcomes through affordable, high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We are therefore delighted to partner with FinTech Scotland in our efforts to continuously deliver better outcomes for our customers through technology and innovation.”

Nicola Anderson, CEO, FinTech Scotland
Nicola Anderson, CEO, FinTech Scotland

Nicola Anderson, CEO of FinTech Scotland said: “We are delighted to welcome Scottish Friendly to the FinTech Scotland cluster to embrace fintech innovation through strategic partnership. This partnership is also a testament to our inclusive approach, aiming to revolutionise financial services by leveraging collective expertise. Scottish Friendly’s objectives align perfectly with our mission to drive impactful changes in the sector.”

The next step in advancing Scotland as a global fintech hub

In addition to this partnership, FinTech Scotland has made sizeable announcements as they look to accelerate Scottish fintech development.

Recently, FinTech Scotland launched its first innovation challenge to encourage financial institutions and innovators from across the fintech community and beyond to learn collaboratively and facilitate industry forums to collectively share best practices for companies to develop new solutions to key financial regulatory challenges.

The first in a series of industry-led innovation calls, the initiative is dedicated to fostering confidence in the adoption of emerging technologies into financial services. Notably, this call aims to demonstrate the ability technology could have in meeting global regulatory requirements, setting a new standard for future advancements in the industry.


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