How to Attract and Retain Generation Z in your Fintech Business

Fintech businesses can harness the power of digital to tell compelling visual stories by nurturing the digital talent of Generation Z. That is the view of DMA Partners, a London and Madrid-based creative & communications agency specialising in the Fintech space, who suggest that Generation Z are more creative and entrepreneurial-minded than those that have come before them.

Succeeding the Millennials, Generation Z are those born in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and are characterised by their familiarity with vast amounts of technology and information from an early age. This means that children born in the year 2000 will turn 19 this year, entering university or starting their first jobs. DMA Partners believes that ensuring a technologically-savvy and creative workplace culture will work to attract a new generation of employees.

“Generation Z proposes a wave of fearless talent entering the workforce,” comments Philip Martin, DMA Partners Managing Director. “We have to remember that this generation was born in the digital era; all they know is transparency, and they will expect this of their peers and employers as well. This generation is best placed to understand how to harness the power of digital to tell compelling visual stories, as well as educate the generations that precede them. Nurturing this talent should therefore be a top priority for Fintech businesses.”

Generation Z proposes a wave of fearless talent entering the workforce

DMA Partners believes that care should be taken in the way employers approach and manage Generation Z. Philip Martin adds: “We must accept that a top priority for this generation, who have grown up in a digital world dominated by likes and followers, is to receive more authentic, Instagrammable experiences. They also want to feel valued and appreciated through tangible benefits. Their value lies in their understanding of digital audiences, which means they can bring new ideas to the table and expand the potential of your business communications.”

However, with recent statistics revealing that 54 per cent of Gen Z-ers expect to stay in their first job for less than two years, understanding how to keep them engaged is crucial.

Philip Martin concludes: “Businesses will need to reach out to them on the right platforms, with the right tools, and with the right images and messages. Many Generation Z individuals will be self-starters who possess an entrepreneurial mindset. It will therefore be key for employers to foster a culture and team spirit that can instil an affinity with your company in your younger employees and incentivise them to stay put. Not only will this be key to motivating them, but it will also forge lasting loyalty.” 


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