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Curve Launches Referral Programme to Enable Consumers to Double-Dip on Cashback

Encouraging its customers to refer friends and family to its service, Curve, the digital wallet has announced its new Refer-A-Friend programme with new incentives. 

The new Curve referral programme offers one per cent cashback on all spending, allowing customers to receive cashback for 30 days for every friend they successfully refer to Curve. There is no limit on how many referrals a customer can make. In turn, this means customers can enjoy up to £30 every month in cashback, or £360 annually. The new one per cent cashback earned is a new perk on top of the previous rewards customers already earn from banks and credit cards linked to a Curve wallet.

Especially beneficial during the cost-of-living crisis, Curve is enabling consumers to have more money flow into their accounts with its referral programme. With the new cashback offering, consumers can get two sets of rewards, or double dip – a phrase used by the industry for those taking advantage of multiple reward schemes at once. Customers link their cards to their Curve Wallet in the app and pay through the fintech to receive cashback on top of any rewards they already get with their bank or credit card.

Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve
Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve

“Everything we do is about empowering our customers to live their best financial lives. As almost two-thirds of Brits are holding back on spending because of increased living costs, we want to make the day to day a little easier for everyone. With this new referral programme, we’re giving customers the chance to really embrace the idea of double-dip rewards and maximise their cashback,” said Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve.

“By combining it with other Curve offers and any others from banks and credit cards they use every day, this programme is our way of rewarding customers’ loyalty and making the daily spend more affordable.”

Potential of the programme 

The potential of the Curve referral scheme, and the double dip rewards associated with it, can be demonstrated by the example of Chase UK. Especially as the UK regulated bank currently has one of the strongest cashback offers in the market with one per cent on all spending for the first year.

Blending this with Curve’s referral programme, customers could earn two per cent cashback on all their spending by linking their Chase card to Curve and referring friends. With a monthly cap of £15 on Chase and £30 on Curve – that’s as much as £540 a year in free money.


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