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Curve Boasts Wearable Payment Options in New London Marketing Campaign

Curve, the financial super app, has unveiled its new multichannel advertising campaign for London, coinciding with the launch of its new online portal. 

The new Curve adverts celebrate the largest choice of wearable payment options across the globe. Curve’s partners include payment wearables providers Twinn and Tapster, Swiss watchmaker Swatch and online payment system Tap2Pay.

Curve ad for wearable payment options
Curve’s new billboard ad

The advertisements are currently running on digital screens across London neighbourhoods, including Shoreditch, Chelsea, Notting Hill and Fulham. Curve ads are also featured throughout several major London Underground stations. In the coming days, Curve has also planned to put them on mobile advertising vans across the city.

Later this week, Curve will also project a 10-metre-high advert onto Oxford Street, in an effort to highlight how easy it is to up-level your spending with just the tap of a Curve-enabled ring, bracelet, watch – or even fingernail.

Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve, discussed the new wearable payment ad campaign: “We’re no strangers to pushing boundaries at Curve. Curve is on a mission to build the Operating System for Money. As such, we work hard to enable our customers to get more for their money, pay securely, with confidence and using any form factor they wish.

“As we roll out new and exciting partnerships with wearable leaders like Twinn, Swatch, Tap2Pay, Tapster and others, we want to make one thing clear: we are the go-to solution for people looking to integrate innovative payments into passive wearables. Most wearables are struggling to get support from banks. But with Curve, customers can now integrate all of their cards into any form factor, be it a ring, bracelet or watch easily, quickly and securely.”

Upping your money game

Rich Thrift, head of brand and creative at Curve, explained the decision to launch an eye-catching campaign during London’s busiest month: “An important part of financial freedom is the ability to pay the way you choose and by opening Curve up to the widest range of wearables, we are empowering our customers to have that freedom.

“It’s incredibly exciting to partner with so many respected, innovative brands in the wearable space and we were inspired by the endless possibilities their products, combined with Curve, can enable. This time of year there is a lot of noise out there, and that is why our creative execution demands people’s attention, encouraging them to consider the positive effect wearables can have on upping their money game.”

Curve, which launched to the public in 2018 and has amassed more than 4.5 million customers globally, gives customers more control over their money by connecting their financial world into a simple yet powerful interface, offering them more convenience, control and savings over their finances.

To date, Curve has raised £205million in equity investment and has reached millions of customers around the world with its unique product and innovative partnerships including with Samsung, Mastercard and Huawei.


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