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EasyTip and Opaala Partner to Remove Customer Tips Payment Delays and Improve Transparency

Guests at restaurants, cafés, bars, lounges, hotels, and cinemas can now pay directly from their mobiles following a new partnership between EasyTip, a cashless tipping platform, and Opaala, a UAE cloud-based platform.

Payment delays and lack of transparency on who receives customer tips are causing recruitment and churn issues in critically important industries such as hospitality and beauty services. In fact, it’s estimated that the collection and distribution of tips in the UAE amounts to over AED 5billion each year and costs businesses at least AED 200million of additional operating expenses.

To address these concerns, EasyTip and Opaala have joined forces to expand fair tipping practices across the UAE by integrating EasyTip’s tips collection and distribution systems into Opaala’s digital menu and pay-at-table platform.

Opaala’s existing and future customers are now able to collect and distribute tips directly to each employee via EasyTip’s distribution platform. Tips collected and distributed via EasyTip enable hospitality businesses to unlock substantial operational cost savings, boost the level of collected tips and empower employees with unparalleled transparency on tips distribution and payouts.

Understanding consumer feedback

Integration between Opaala and EasyTip will also provide clients with a unique set of data analytics on the performance of their teams, customer feedback and spending. Tip recipients, in turn, will be able to track all tips and payouts via the EasyTip app and benefit from faster settlement times. The Easytip and Opaala partnership is already live and enabled at locations in Dubai including venues such as Nightjar.

Overall, the integration will be available to over 1500 hospitality clients that use both platforms and empower over 20,000 hospitality workers in the UAE to receive tips faster and more transparently.

Evgeniy Chuikov, co-founder and CEO of EasyTip
Evgeniy Chuikov, co-founder and CEO of EasyTip

“The EasyTip and Opaala partnership developed out of a profound desire of both companies to transform the way tips are collected and distributed in the UAE. Combining innovations of Opaala’s best-in-class digital menu and ordering system with EasyTip’s tip collection and distribution platform is a powerful proposition to clients looking to boost their teams income, reduce costs and bring fair and transparent tipping practices to their businesses,” said Evgeniy Chuikov, co-founder and CEO of EasyTip.

“This collaboration is the first of its kind in the UAE and is truly a win-win for platforms, merchants and customers.”

Marwan Saab, co-founder and CEO of Opaala.
Marwan Saab, co-founder and CEO of Opaala

“Collecting tips is of fundamental importance to hospitality venues but the industry’s greatest challenge has always been on distributing them fairly, quickly and transparently to relevant team members. Opaala and EasyTip integration does exactly that and we are pleased to see Opaala clients adopting this important integration and enhancing tips in their venues,” said Marwan Saab, co-founder and CEO of Opaala.


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