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Ron Shevlin a senior contributor for Forbes, started a list of Fintech firms providing free technology during the Coronavirus Crisis, this had grown massively and we at The Fintech Times have taken over the baton.

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#fintech vendors: If you’re providing free access to, or accelerated deployments of, your tech/tools, please email [email protected] and we will continue to build the community below.

Many thanks Ron, we wont let you down and will carry on your great work…….

ECOMMPAY: Online Payment Providers Are in Prime Position To Help the Pandemic Recovery

The Fintech Times
In this guest-authored piece for The Fintech Times, Paul Marcantonio of @ECOMMPAYglobal discusses how the use of #OpenBanking technology and #Paytech could facilitate a Covid...

UK SME Post-Covid Recovery Supported by Increased Lending; iwoca Index Finds

Tyler Smith
The SME Expert Index of UK brokers, which has recently been published by @iwoca, has highlighted how 1 in 3 brokers have experienced rising demand...