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App Development Security is In High Demand for Cybersecurity Skills

The year 2020 revealed that businesses still struggle when it comes to cybersecurity. Not only are organisations dealing with the cybersecurity workforce shortage, which is estimated to be at 3.12 million, but existing security specialists have to constantly reinvent their skills to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

According to the data from the Atlas VPN team, the fastest-growing cybersecurity skill in 2021 is Application Development Security. The demand for this competence is determined to rise by 164% in five years.

Last year, 29,635 job vacancies required knowledge in Application Development Security, meaning that we can expect 48,601 new openings for specialists with this expertise over the next five years. As the world is turning more mobile, the necessity for Application Development Security know-how is increasing as well.

The second most rapidly growing skill is Cloud Security. In 2020, the cybersecurity job market had 19,477 job openings for Cloud Security experts, while the need for such specialists is projected to grow by 115% in five years.

Risk Management rounds out the top three quickest-growing cybersecurity competencies. Last year, there were 57,967 job vacancies for professionals skilled in Risk Management. According to the estimates, their demand will increase by 60% in five year’s time.

The numbers suggest that, in general, most rapidly growing cybersecurity competencies are the most profitable.

Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN, said: “It is no secret that certain skills pay more because they are more valuable to employers due to the high demand and low supply of talent.”

The average salary premium for professionals knowledgeable in Application Development Security is $12,266. In the meantime, workers with Cloud Security know-how receive an average bonus of $15,025 — the most of all the top-growing cybersecurity skills. Moreover, those experienced with Risk Management can expect an average salary premium of $13,379.

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