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Top 10 ICOs to Watch in April: #10 Heroic

Cyber-crimes are touching new zeniths with further advancements of information technology. With new technologies like AI and IoT entering various sectors of the market, the need of cyber security services is increasing more rapidly.

The current cybersecurity measures have become too archaic to defend new threats. Heroic aims to bring a new AI powered cyber security platform with P2P safety protocols. According to their whitepaper, their core components include Heroic Arc Reactor, an open threat intelligence exchange that allows developers and experts to trade ideas and software codes; and a Heroic Guardian which is a security management platform for further research into privatisation of business blockchains. The platform provides compensation directly proportional to the amount of participation. All the incentives, compensations, and payments on the platform will be executed with the help of HRO tokens.

The company also aims to make the cyber security services cheaper with the help of their exchange and advancing third party cyber solution development. Such project requires majority of the funds to be used in the technical developments. Hence, 42% of the raised amount will be allocated for R&D and another 22% for the network operations. The team has the required experience in the fields of cyber security, business development, marketing, and software development but lacks blockchain experience. The team’s vision has clarity to understand the needs of the future. Therefore, long term investors can consider this project to hold in their portfolio.


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