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Infographic: What’s Next For the Ever-Evolving Payments Industry?

Millions of consumers are being introduced to alternative payment methods for the first time. A dramatic shift to e-commerce seems obvious. However, the way people are used to shopping is unlikely to return to normal after lockdowns are lifted.

The major takeaway, which most people have probably already recognised, is that we are approaching a new frontier in payment technology. Customers are becoming accustomed to technology and alternative payment methods, and every technology and commerce company is looking for opportunities in digital and alternative payments. Subsequently, banks are beginning to follow trends and look for ways to retain market share by adapting their services to a rapidly changing landscape.

Isaac Armoni, CEO, Wallter
Isaac Armoni, CEO, Wallter

Elaborating on this matter, Wallter CEO Isaac Armoni highlights “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in new business applications for our corporate borderless bank account. Companies are struggling to open accounts with their local banks due to lockdowns and work from home initiatives. Naturally, companies are stranded without a bank account. We’re able to do online account opening and in a matter of days, we can issue IBANs and prepaid cards connected to multi-currency accounts for making SEPA, SWIFT, and FX transactions”.

The below infographic, which has been prepared by Wallter, highlights the upcoming and most likely permanent changes to the payment’s ecosystem.

Wallter Infographic


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