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KlariVis Partners With Nine Banks to Deliver Insights

KlariVis, an enterprise dashboard and analytics solution for the US financial services industry, has partnered with nine new financial institutions.

The core agnostic enterprise dashboard and analytics platform was built for bankers, by ‘veteran community bankers’.

US community banks intend to have less than $10billion in assets, take deposits and hold a traditional portfolio of mortgages and business loans. At the end of 2019, there were 4,750 community banks in the country with more than 29,000 branches in communities from coast to coast.

KlariVis compiles and aggregates data into an interactive dashboard to deliver insights to financial institutions. The newest banks to select KlariVis include:

  • Community Financial Services Bank (CFSB) in Kentucky
  • First National Bank of Bastrop in Texas
  • Merchants Bank in Minnesota
  • New Washington State Bank in Indiana
  • North American Banking Company in Minnesota
  • Pioneer Bank in New Mexico
  • Shore United Bank in Maryland
  • State Bank of Toulon in Illinois
  • Wayne Bank in Pennsylvania
Community Financial Services Bank

Western Kentucky’s community bank serves families and businesses in the region. According to Jason Jones, president of Community Financial Services Bank, ‘data tells a story’ and KlariVis is ‘helping us interpret that story’.

“Our core provides the data but KlariVis helps us deploy dynamic information in a timely manner to those who need it so we can use it to make the best decisions for our bank, our clients, and ultimately our shareholders,” said Jones.

“The fact that many on the KlariVis team have ‘walked our walk’ as community bankers gives me confidence in our decision to partner with them and we look forward to growing together.”

State Bank of Toulon State

Douglas Parrott, president & CEO of State Bank of Toulon, says: “Data is so important these days. We always knew that we had the data available but lacked how to extract it into a form we can understand and use.

“One look at the KlariVis platform and what kind of insights they can provide, we were fans. It not only helps management looking at all areas of the bank, but also the individual departments.”

KlariVis growth

Kim Snyder, CEO of KlariVis, comments: “As we head into a New Year, having access to actionable data is imperative – from transforming the customer experience, making informed, strategic decisions, and safeguarding the institution. We are thrilled to welcome these latest banks to KlariVis and support their data initiatives.”

Since the start of the year, KlariVis has doubled its client base, helping numerous banks across North America leverage their data to “make informed and meaningful decisions that drive value”.


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