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IntelyCare and DailyPay Team Up To Provide Nurses With Faster Access to Income

IntelyCare, the US healthcare staffing-and-scheduling platform, has partnered with pay platform DailyPay to help nursing professionals access their earned income on-demand. 

The partnership gives IntelyCare employees – known as IntelyPros – more financial flexibility. They can choose to retrieve a portion of their pay directly into their bank accounts on the same day that they work their shifts.

According to DailyPay, demand for its on-demand pay technology has soared during the pandemic. Its recent research also reveals that when employers offer an on-demand pay benefit to staff, they hire 52 per cent faster and retain workers up to 73 per cent longer.

The IntelyCare staffing-and-scheduling platform lets nurses choose when and where they work. If a nurse wants weekends off or prefers certain facilities over others, IntelyCare’s AI-powered matching tool recommends shifts based on those preferences. Since the new paymet benefit was introduced, 70 per cent of eligible IntelyPros have enrolled.

“As a country, we can no longer afford to turn our backs on nurses. Fewer nurses mean more deaths and that’s simply a fact,” said David Coppins, CEO and co-founder of IntelyCare. “Nursing is inordinately taxing and stressful. To effectively do their jobs and avoid burning out, nurses need facilities to provide appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios, as well as flexibility in scheduling. And nurses must be compensated appropriately.”

While Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay chief innovation and marketing officer, adds: “We continue to make our way through this pandemic, we rely on the frontline workers IntelyCare provides to keep us safe and healthy. Working with IntelyCare to support these frontline heroes so they feel respected, trusted and valued is a true honour.”


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