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Zero Hash: Every Financial Services Firm Will Offer Digital Services in Next 18-Months

Zero Hash is a B2B embedded infrastructure platform that allows any platform to seamlessly integrate digital assets and crypto products natively into their own customer experience quickly and easily. Their CEO and Co-founder, Edward Woodford, sat down with The Fintech Times to discuss what sets them apart in the industry and shares his insights into the crypto market. 

Edward began by explaining what sets the company apart from the rest of the industry

“We’ve really been able to prove ourselves over the last 18 months by working with some of the largest fintechs and financial services firms out there. Neobanks such as MoneyLion or broker-dealers such as TastyTrade for example, The reason these groups are leveraging Zero Hash is because of the strength of our technology. We are a purely API-driven business, you can get up and running very easily and seamlessly and own that entire UX. 

“Our innovation and the ability to integrate that technology easily and seamlessly has really set us apart. We are currently able to support 40 different assets, that is close to 10x the number of assets our competitors support, and that really shows our innovation as crypto constantly changes.”

The conversation moved on to discuss the current cryptocurrency market and the digital assets space, offering his thoughts on the future. 

“We’re very bullish on this space,” he advised. “Our thesis is very simple: every financial services firm will offer digital assets in the next 18 months, and they will do so through platforms like Zero Hash.”

“I also think that as embedded finance increasingly takes effect, crypto assets are now seen as one and the same as, for example, launching a current account. So our business of crypto as a service is dovetailing very nicely on the coattails of Banking-as a service.”

Finally, Edward spoke of the company’s partnerships, saying that they have recently announced partnerships with Transack, one of the most exciting on-ramp and off-ramp players in the digital asset ecosystem, and Deserve, the credit-card-as-services provider. Deserve is leveraging Zero Hash’s crypto rewards infrastructure to natively enable Deserve’s partners to offer crypto rewards on any credit card purchase.

“We’re very excited about that, it’s a big business for us,” he said. “We now do about 5% of the world’s global Ethereum volume. That’s because of these on/off ramps interacting with the broader digital ecosystem.”

When it comes to partnerships, Zero Hash always takes a very collaborative approach. 

Edward said: “We’re always interested in feedback, we actually think that we build better products based on those clients’ feedback. That may sound obvious but it’s really about listening. 

“The innovation around the assets that clients want us to support is really important to us, and we’ll have a bunch more exciting partnerships to announce over the coming weeks and months ahead.” 

Watch the interview in full to find out more. 


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