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Xaindex Launches Crypto Liquidity Platform Powered by Synthetic Intelligence

Xaindex, a new cryptocurrency liquidity platform, has recently launched with a focus on developing neural networks and synthetic intelligence. The platform operates without any restrictions across various regions, and has its physical office located in Sydney.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulates the company. Xaindex’s main focus is on crypto trading, and the company has accumulated significant successful experience in this field, with seven years of crypto trading and high-tech developments in neural networks.

Xaindex has developed its own version of artificial intelligence called synthetic intelligence (SI), based on these developments in the field of neural networks. This version includes complex human functions and the use of multi-level arrays of both dynamic and static data, which delivers tangible benefits.

The synthetic intelligence also helps Xaindex significantly improve the results of liquidity management in the cryptocurrency markets, and also manages liquidity according to the risk policy, tracking new patterns and fractals. As a result, the list of crypto-assets used in liquidity management is intelligently adjusted.

The platform

The entire financial system of the platform is based on an advanced model of the algorithmic stablecoin, known as an SUT, or Synthetic Utility Token. The difference from the standard model is that the whole system works to provide the token with a collateral value.

The platform plans to transfer all transactions to one of the popular blockchain platforms later this year, which will ensure full transparency of transactions, as well as the inflow of additional liquidity.

Since Xaindex’s synthetic intelligence can imitate human intelligence, it allows the company to apply high-frequency trading methods to manage the liquidity of the platform.

High-frequency trading is a form of algorithmic trading used by funds and other financial institutions in which computers carry out a large number of trades in a matter of seconds.

The work of high-frequency algorithms is based on mathematical calculations and predictive analytics, which is provided by neural networks with different data processing architectures. All this together allows Xaindex to get advantages in the cryptocurrency market, as well as make excellent profits while managing the platform’s crypto liquidity.


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