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World’s first climate-aware net zero pension | Ben Pollard, Cushon

Ben Pollard, co-founder and CEO at Cushon, sits down with Lloyd to talk about how his company became the world’s first net zero pension fintech.

After entering the industry as an actuarial consultant, Ben leads now a UK-based fintech company offering workplace ISAs with 87,000 customers and £300m of assets under management. The company is on a mission to bring innovation to workplace savings, launching a pension that is net zero from today.

In this episode, Lloyd and Ben discuss the motivations behind his journey to revolutionise the investment sector, the importance to consider climate emergency now, not later, and how climate-aware funds work. Later they delve into Ben’s journey as an entrepreneur juggling family life whilst leading a rocket-ship. 

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Episodes Highlights:

03:58: Launching a world’s first net zero pension

06:09: How current retirement funds contribute to global warming through carbon emissions

11:38: Capital markets being a potential agent of change

17:25: How do climate-aware funds work

20:08: Ben’s journey as an entrepreneur

26:51: Family life of an entrepreneur

38:45: Cushon’s vision and Ben’s MANA


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