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Web3 Success Stories; With Theta Labs, Fiserv, Giving To Services, Custonomy, and SafePal

We have the invention and evolution of technology to thank for some of humanity’s most significant advances. The invention of the aeroplane in 1903, the computer in 1937, and the internet in 1974 all completely changed how we live our everyday lives. As technology advances, how can the likes of Web3, the metaverse, blockchain and DeFi change the future of fintech?

Having discussed how the metaverse is enabling fintech and how soon we can expect the mainstream adoption of web3, we now turn to the fintechs who have actually implemented the tech and seen success. These companies are helping pave the way for the future, but how?

We spoke to leaders from influential companies to hear about their success stories:

Annie Hui, COO and co-founder of Custonomy
Annie Hui, COO and Co-Founder of Custonomy
Annie Hui, COO and Co-Founder of Custonomy

We are excited to share the success of my Web3 project, Custonomy Web3asy. Our platform makes it easy for end users to create and manage their own wallets without the need for seed phrases. It provides peace of mind and helps to drive mainstream adoption of Web3.

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a user-friendly experience. We believe that user experience is a critical factor in the adoption of new technologies. By simplifying the process of creating and managing wallets, Custonomy Web3asy can help to remove some of the barriers that currently exist for mainstream users. Especially those who may not be familiar with blockchain technology. Or those who may be hesitant to use it due to security concerns.

Our platform is also contributing to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem by making it easier for users to access and participate in Web3 projects. By driving greater adoption of Web3 projects, we hope to contribute to the growth and innovation of the industry.

Overall, we’re proud of our success in driving mainstream adoption of Web3. We believe that our user-focused approach with Custonomy Web3asy has played a critical role in our success. We’re committed to continuing to innovate and improve our platform. Our goal is to make it even easier for users to participate in the Web3 ecosystem.

Sunil Sachdev, head of fintech and growth at Fiserv
Sunil Sachdev, head of fintech and growth at Fiserv
Sunil Sachdev, head of fintech and growth at Fiserv

With major brands like Starbucks and Nike launching NFT projects, NFTs are one element of Web3 that we believe will achieve mainstream adoption earlier than other use cases. In fact, research from Blockdata shows that 39 of the world’s top 100 companies by market cap are currently working on NFT projects.

Fiserv sees the use of NFTs in loyalty programs as an opportunity for merchants to build engagement and grow revenue. We spoke with merchants who are interested in learning more about how they could incorporate NFTs into their brand experience.

Following these conversations, Fiserv has begun to explore NFT programs from a “rewards 2.0” perspective. Such as: earning NFTs for purchases. We are now in the final stages of launching an NFT rewards program. This will launch in phases throughout 2023, testing and refining to create a frictionless experience. We hope it encourages broad adoption for merchants that have a large audience of loyal customers.

Leanne Holder, CEO at Giving To Services
Leanne Holder, CEO at Giving To Services
Leanne Holder, CEO at Giving To Services

At Giving To Services we have a crypto token (SVS) that is designed to give back to those in the public services through our rewards platform. Recently, despite there being a large amount of negativity surrounding crypto, we have had some great successes.

For instance, we have recently launched our native SVS token on the XRP Ledger. We are really happy with the testing that has been done so far.

Apart from that, last week we won the ‘Social Impact Of The Year’ Award in the Women In IT Awards in which, despite there being many industries in the room, we were the only Web3 winner.

Furthermore, I was named Best Newcomer in the Wirex Rising Women in Crypto Power List that was a part of its annual ‘Women in Crypto’ event and I have just been announced as a UN delegate for the UK in the 67th Commission on the Status of Women.

The topic for the CSW this year is Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age alongside its progress for gender equality. With me being a part of this, Web3 gets a representation and I am able to show how crypto can be used for good within this prestigious session.

Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs
Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs
Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs

We began as a startup in the video streaming/entertainment space, looking to solve our own problem of cloud services costs which can be extremely costly to small platforms. By harnessing a decentralised network of 10s of thousands of nodes running our Theta software, allowing users to contribute excess bandwidth, compute and storage, we’ve built not only a cheaper alternative to Web2 cloud services, but the payment rails for users and providers to transact with each other without any centralised intermediary.

Veronica Wong, CEO and co-founder of SafePal
Veronica Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of SafePal
Veronica Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of SafePal

As a comprehensive crypto wallet suite, SafePal is dedicated to overcoming adoption roadblocks to serve as a Web3 gateway for the crypto masses. We took five years to build our products from scratch and evolve into one of the few wallet brands with a full suite of hardware and mobile wallets. It also has browser extensions allowing users to self-custody and manage their digital assets.

Currently, we serve more than eight million users globally in 15 languages. This  spans over 200 regions and countries with continued steady growth.


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