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Voluntary Carbon Market Aided With Viridios AI’s, VAI Platform

Viridios AI (“Viridios” or “the Company”), an AI-driven carbon market intelligence, has launched its VAI platform, providing Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) participants with complete and dynamic carbon market intelligence on a single dashboard for the first time.

The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets estimates that the market for carbon credits could be worth $50billion as soon as 2030 and could remove more than 2.0 gigatons of carbon dioxide (GtCO2) annually, to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. However, without diversity and liquidity, Voluntary Carbon Markets will be unable to scale to the requisite size to support the transition to net-zero.

VAI’s MARKS, one of two modules available on the platform, is a first of its kind pricing tool that delivers dynamic pricing for specific carbon projects at the vintage level, allowing market participants access to the information and transparency required to transact.

MARKS’ dynamic pricing is informed by Viridios AI’s AI neural pathways trained on five years of historical trading data, along with thousands of data points gleaned from Compliance Carbon Markets, systemic economic conditions, benchmarks including energy markets and proprietary trading data.

Beyond pricing, VAI’s platform provides the complete carbon offset project information the market requires to transact. On a single platform, market participants can see modules including end of day marks and project details, cutting out hours of work that are often required to source this information.

Viridios AI CEO, Marcelo Labre said: “Viridios AI is building the Bloomberg of the Voluntary Carbon Markets – an essential tool for all market participants, delivering the organised and verified information they need to participate in the market and make investment decisions with confidence.

“The highly fragmented and unregulated nature of the VCM, low liquidity with the majority of transactions conducted over-the-counter, and valuation methodology discrepancies, result in a lack of transparency.

“The value discovery that MARKS and the VAI platform provide is crucial to remove these obstacles and helping to attract a more diverse set of participants to the carbon market, which will stimulate activity and result in a more robust and investable asset class”

Viridios AI CTO, Bertrand Le Nézet said: “Uniquely, the technology underpinning the VAI platform combines the dynamic insights from our AI models, with thousands of public and private data points at a project level. VAI analyses and organises this data to provide the full suite of actionable carbon market intelligence on a single dashboard.”

Viridios AI’s technology and valuation methodology are validated through exclusive partnerships with S&P Platts on the AI-powered Platts CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices (powered by Viridios AI) and by Mobius Risk Group which uses VAI data to track clients’ carbon footprint and provide real-time valuation of carbon offset portfolios.

Currently, the VAI platform covers many of the world’s most traded and investible carbon offset projects. The Company expects to have thousands of projects listed within months. MARKS provides pricing data on a subset of these projects with new projects added each week. VAI is the only platform that provides subscribers with pricing and intelligence representative of the entire VCM, covering a broad cross-section of both technology and nature-based projects.

VAI also assesses the co-benefits of a project – the contributions it makes toward the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing an additional layer of analysis demanded by market participants.


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