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Derek Myers, CEO at Zero Carbon Project – Can they change the energy industry?

Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain. Renewables have responded well to climate change and will provide the final solution, but they are currently still too expensive for making an immediate material impact through mass adoption. 

Zero Carbon Project can make an immediate impact by delivering zero carbon energy at a lower price than electricity from fossil fuels. We have a two-part solution which includes our Zero Carbon Market and our Energis tokens.

Energy consumers access our online energy market to choose from a wide range of zero carbon energy offers from competing energy suppliers. Consumers see the relative costs on a like-for-like comparison basis, and whether the energy is sourced from renewables, nuclear or carbon neutral. Carbon neutral is fossil fuel with carbon credit offsets; and through our intensely competitive market, it can be delivered at lower prices than fossil fuels

Energy consumers are rewarded with our Energis tokens. These tokens have been designed to hold utility, as energy suppliers need to purchase them to pay the transaction fees. As the consumer base grows, the utility of our market service grows.

The major challenge for our business is the current crypto bear market. This will test the mettle of entrepreneurs with ICOs and will shake out the dross.

We are here to stay because we believe in the underlying blockchain technology and its revolutionary potential. Having built technology businesses over the last 20 years, we have the grit, tenacity, determination and resources to persevere. There is nothing more satisfying than bootstrapping a new technology business. We will get on with adding new software features, and we will be well prepared for the next wave of interest in crypto innovations.

Interestingly, there are many active members of our crypto community from developing countries. I am inspired by the idea of developing a global community interested in climate change, renewable energy and blockchain.

We provide a market service for consumers in regulated markets around the world to purchase carbon credits to offset emissions. Our members can accumulate quite large earnings from our referral programme, by spreading the word in their own local communities or through their global social media networks.


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