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Upstox Adds Good-till-Triggered to Its Platform To Protect Users From Market Fluctuations

The Indian online stock trading platform Upstox has added new features to its platform that will allow its users to better protect the interests of their investments.

The platform has added a ‘good-till-triggered’ (GTT) feature, that will allow users to place orders with stop-loss and target price across all of Upstox’s trading segments.

In trading, a stop-loss order is a form of instruction given to a broker to buy or sell a specific stock once said stock has reached a certain value. Stop-loss orders are designed to protect the value of an investor’s portfolio.

Target pricing has very similar capabilities but acts more as an indication of what a stock’s future value might be. A prediction may be put forward by a stock analyst or by the traders themselves.

Both capabilities form the basis of GTT, letting traders and investors decide at what price they want to enter or exit the market without placing an order every day, allowing them to minimise risks across all investment categories and as the platform hopes, will make trading seamless for the users.

Shrini Viswanath, co-founder of Upstox
Shrini Viswanath

Talking about the launch, Shrini Viswanath, co-founder of Upstox, said: “This feature comes as a part of our ongoing efforts to make investing equitable and seamless for our users.

“With the GTT feature, we hope to provide traders with more convenience, while also encouraging them to maintain a disciplined trading mindset and be aware of their risk appetite. More importantly, traders will no longer have to worry about constantly verifying the status of a single order.

“Through the many value adds that come with this feature, we hope to promote equity participation in the country while also providing a varied set of services to our users. We’re constantly striving to improve the customer experience and make financial planning more accessible to everyone.”

GTT allows users to concentrate on the stop-loss and target price, which encourages strategic and long-term thinking. With this functionality, users will be able to trade more conveniently on the Upstox platform, as all orders will be grouped together.

Within the announcement, Upstox said that the order will remain active for one day in the case of intraday orders, 365 days for delivery orders, and as per contract expiry in the case of futures and options.


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