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Travelex Travel Money Card Launched to Remove Struggles for Japanese Citizens Paying Abroad

Consumers are demanding more from their payment providers as their desire to shop abroad increases. As a result of this, Travelex, the foreign exchange brand, has introduced its prepaid foreign currency card to the Japanese market. 

The new card, called the Travelex Travel Money Card will be available in Japan. Looking to make paying abroad as accessible as possible to consumers in Japan, Travelex Travel Money Card will enable customers aged 12 and above to load multiple currencies onto their card to make purchases in over 210 countries and regions worldwide. Any Mastercard-affiliated shop will accept the card. Customers who purchase more than 100K Yen can get a 2000 Yen discount in the three months after launch.

In addition to the Japanese Yen, the Travelex Money Card supports eight foreign currencies. This includes the US Dollar, Euro and Australian Dollar. When travelling to other countries, customers can load their card with Japanese Yen or other supported currencies. They can then convert to the local currency when making a payment.

Jun Otani, director, Travelex Japan, said: “Travelex Money Card is an enhanced version of the old Travelex Card we have become well known for in Japan. The card has proved to be hugely popular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Through the card, we are able to offer our customers greater convenience and security than ever before.”

Accessing Travelex Travel Money Card

The card is not linked to a bank account, meaning the use of unauthorised access is minimised compared to a traditional credit or debit card. Furthermore, unlike many other foreign currency cards, the TMC does not require My Number verification documents. This makes it possible to purchase the card quickly and conveniently, including on the day of departure.

The card can be purchased both in-store and pre-ordered online and picked up in-store. The card’s features can be managed through the Travelex Money App. This enables customers to add currency, check their balance, view their transaction history and pause usage. This is particularly helpful in case of loss or theft.

The new card is already available to customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and replaces the existing Travelex Multi-currency Cash Passport that had been sold in the Japanese market.


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