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Global Token Review – Top 5 Upcoming ICOs: Tachain

Tachain has a mission to build a blockchain platform which is secure, ‘fun’, and provides overarching services for the commercial advertising and transport industries.

The company states that it wants its customers to derive joy and playfulness when using the platform. Their ecosystem includes a transport app, which aims to make accommodation and travel services more secure and efficient. It also includes the AdNet, which will help advertisers reach new customers with the help of emerging technologies, and TMARQ, where users can trade cryptocurrencies available in the market.

On the transport app, users can earn the native THCN tokens by travelling. In AdNet, advertisers will be required to have THCN tokens to access the platform and users can earn tokens by watching ads. The trading platform TMARQ is due to be launched in Q2 of 2019 – this platform will also act as an internal market for THCN tokens.

The ICO rounds started in July 2018, and will run until December 2018. The company is registered in the United Kingdom, but the executive team is spread around the world. Tachain has kept the hard cap to $10 million – if it is able to build the three platforms within this budget and is able to attract a significant base of customers onto the platforms, the company could turn out to be an excellent investment for token sale investors, as well as private sale rounds.

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