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Global Token Review – Top 5 Upcoming ICOs: Vertex

Vertex’s objective is to assist institutional and private investors to participate in successful ICOs, by acting as a marketplace for ICO tokens. The platform could be misinterpreted as a regular cryptocurrency exchange, which it is not. Instead, investors can invest in ICOs using the native currency of the Vertex Platform, the Vertex Token (VTEX). ICOs will be rated by Vertex’s team of analysts and a few other private equity investors. For those wishing to conduct an ICO, the platform will help by providing a network of investors, an initial investment from Vertex if the team deems the ICO to be qualified, and a vote of confidence if private equity investors and businessmen rate the ICO positively.

For investors, the Vertex platform will keep only trustworthy ICOs with individual sale projects accessible to them. The platform is a one-stop solution for both investors and ICOs. This ICO is listed under the jurisdictions of the Cayman Islands, with accomplished team members who have the required skill set to make the platform a success. Vertex is already backed by investors from Saudi Arabia and will soon be open to private investors with its token sales. The project has received great media coverage, with strong community support, and has a tremendous following on its social media platforms, like Twitter and Telegram. The platform fulfils a need currently lacking in the marketplace and looks like attracting strong demand for investment.


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