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Global Token Review – Top 5 Upcoming ICOs: Opet Foundation

Opet Foundation plans to improve the education industry by using emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI. The company will use blockchain to develop a decentralised tutor marketplace to help high school students with their education. They will also use AI to create a chatbot to help students with study content and exam revisions.

The use of the two emerging technologies will help the students expand their horizons when it comes to learning and retaining information. The target audience of this platform is high school students from Grades 9-12. As each student has their own pace and capabilities of learning, AI and machine learning would act as a personalised tutor for the child.

The blockchain platform will also be used to store secure academic data like exam results, enrolment and financial records, extracurricular activities, and personality profiles. The AI at the backend will help the students select universities to attend, based on their data and preferences, and the data stored in the blockchain can in turn be utilised by the educational institutions to select students for admissions.

The team is based in a number different countries including Singapore, India, and Ukraine, but is listed under the jurisdiction of Singapore. The idea for the project is new and has gained in popularity on social media platforms. The Private token sale is now over and the public sale will last until December 2018. The project could be an interesting opportunity over the long-term for early investors, given the solutions it offers to the problems faced by families who often end up paying heavy fees for tutors.

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