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Tokeny Partners with Archax for Security Token Trading

Tokeny has announced their partnership with Archax, the forthcoming institutional tokenized securities exchange based in London. The partnership formalises their relationship and ensures security tokens issued by Tokeny will have the opportunity to be listed on the Archax exchange.

Transferability between key players in the emerging ecosystem is fundamental before the security token industry develops and matures. The two companies complement each other’s roles in this ecosystem, as Tokeny issues compliant security tokens and Archax will provide projects with secondary trading and the much needed access to liquidity.

Tokeny CEO, Luc Falempin commented, ‘We know how strong Archax’s team is and they share the same belief that blockchain will transform capital markets. For blockchain to become the preferred infrastructure for this industry it’s imperative for there to be seamless transferability between the key actors in the market. By agreeing this partnership, we are able to offer the end-to-end compliant issuance of securities and Archax will provide the customer with the all important access to the secondary market.”

Graham Rodford, Archax CEO, adds: “We are building a regulated, institutional market – based in London – for institutions to trade in credible, digital securities globally.  As such we want to partner with leading firms like Tokeny, who are a key part of this emerging ecosystem, and tokenising assets that can then be listed and traded on our exchange.  The tokenisation of real-world assets using blockchain technology will not only unlock liquidity and create secondary markets for assets that are currently hard to trade, but also has the potential to disrupt all traditional financial markets too.”



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