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The Rise of MetaTrader4

MetaTrader4 is an online trading platform which was released by MetaQuotes in 2005. It is undoubtedly one of the most widely used online trading platforms in the world, and is offered by the majority of online brokers such as London Capital Group.

Having made a name for itself, MetaTrader4 is set to be used for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the reasons it has risen to such prominence in the world of online trading.

Access to Global Markets

First and foremost, MetaTrader4 offers access to nearly all the global markets currently in existence, such as forex, gold and stocks and shares. This means traders from all over the world can invest money in assets of their choosing, having a diverse range of choice.

It also means that they can diversify their investment portfolio by including a number of different assets in it, reducing overall investment risk. The trading platform allows investors to conduct trades with ease, and caters to all different trading styles and budgets. It offers enough to keep any user happy, yet it is the simplicity and ease of use which truly make this platform shine.

Interface and Functionality

As the fourth version in the MetaTrader series, MetaTrader4 is the product of years of trial and improvement, meaning that the user interface and overall functionality have been greatly optimised over the years. Traders can flick between different markets and manage their portfolio in seconds, and every feature has been built with the user experience in mind.

One of the most important benefits which MetaTrader4 offers is the ability to customise the interface, meaning users can also optimise their own experience, and make day to day trading smoother and more efficient.

Analysis Tools

MetaTrader4’s tools for trading analysis are unparalleled, offering help with both fundamental and technical analysis. For technical analysis, the platform has numerous charts and graphs which display data from various different markets, which allows traders to analyse market trends and predict future market behaviour.

It also includes an Expert Advisor program, which can be used to conduct trades automatically when certain market conditions are met. This cuts out some of the time and effort it takes to closely monitor trends, which is especially useful when it comes to volatile, fast paced markets like forex.

The Future of MetaTrader

Released in 2013, MetaTrader5 has actually proved to be less popular than MetaTrader4, perhaps due to the fact that MetaQuotes simply got it right when they made the earlier version. Since most online brokers still use MetaTrader4, it seems likely that it will be the trading platform of choice for many years to come.

That being said, other trading platforms are rising to prominence, many of which offer similar features to MetaTrader4. It will be interesting to see what features future MetaTrader developments offer to keep traders happy and build on the achievements of MetaTrader4.

The tools, features and overall usability of MetaTrader4 make it truly stand out. With online trading continually rising in popularity, more and more investors are being drawn to such online trading platforms, which fulfil all their trading needs.


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