Thriving Tech Security Firm VST Enterprises Announces Expansion In Three New Continents!

Manchester, UK, 21st August 2017 – Cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises (VSTE) has announced its expansion into three new international locations.

The global company will open offices in Armenia, Asia Pacific and South Africa to bring its secure scannable code technology to markets where it will have a positive impact on business and society. The expansion signifies a decisive move following recent private investment, and plans for each location have been aligned to key trends in the respective regional markets.

VST Enterprises’ scannable code technology VCode® is set to prevent prevalent issues in these locations, combating the supply of counterfeit goods in Hong Kong and China, eliminating the circulation of conflict minerals in Africa, and providing a virtual wallet for secure payments across mainland Europe from Armenia.

VCode allows any user to make a variety of secure transactions, on the move, with the wave of a mobile device. VST Enterprises’ global partners will apply its capabilities in retail, ID authentication and supply chain traceability throughout Autumn 2017.

VST Enterprises’ CEO, Louis-James Davis, led the launch of the new regional offices after examining challenges within each market. He explains: “In the past year, we have aligned our business model to support international growth. We are working together with corporations and governments to tackle some of the most pressing universal issues they face. We want to combat the counterfeit trade where it’s at its worst, reduce unethical and unsustainable production practices and increase financial inclusion globally. These will be key locations to dispatch VCode and achieve these goals.”

The expansion comes off the back of the company’s latest fundraise. VST Enterprises will hire up to 100 new employees to manage services on the ground in each area.

To find out more about VSTE and VCode®, visit

Louis Davis, CEO at VST Enterprises


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