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Searching for Mana: The Finance Community With One Million Subscribers | Max Rofagha, Finimize

Finimize is building the world’s largest and most engaged finance community, with over one million subscribers across their app. Max Rofagha, its co-founder and CEO sits down with Stefan Ciecierski from Mana Search to outline how they help casual investors become smarter investors through bitesize content and engaged community. 

In this chat, Max tells us why neo-brokers democratising access to the stock market has opened a major opportunity to empower retail investors with new forms of information, and how Finimize is helping retail investors make informed investment decisions. Plus, he lays out how he attracts talent from top tier investment banks to work at Finimize full-time, and why it’s important that Finimize content is written by ex-Goldman Sachs or Fidelity analysts. 

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Episode Highlights

02:15: Empowering retail investors to make informed investment decisions

11:00: Max’s journey as an entrepreneur

14:30: The power of snowball effect and serendipity leading to Passion Capital’s investment

18:55: Lessons from being a founder

21:40: Why company culture and priorities matter?

27:45: Creating premium content from ex-Goldman Sachs or Fidelity analysts

42:13: New opportunities on the market

43:58: Max’s Mana


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