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Plum Launches ‘Naughty Rule’ to Support UK Money Management

Plum, the European smart money app, has added a new smart saving feature, labelled the ‘Naughty Rule’, to its app. The launch of the feature looks to support customers in managing their spending in 2023.

Plum customers across the UK are now enabled to set up the so-called ‘Naughty Rule’, which automatically sets aside money whenever the user spends at a retailer they consider a guilty pleasure. The feature ensures that customers save money when spending money on non-necessities, to better control spending.

Plum offers a selection of the 50 most popular retailers used by Plum customers for the rule. Retailers included range from fast food outlets to clothing stores. Customers can then set the amount of money they save following each purchase. The savings option ranges from £1 to £10.

The ‘Naughty Rule’ comes into play either after a purchase with one of the retailers both online or in-store. Initially, the new feature is available for UK customers on the Plum Ultra subscription plan, costing £4.99 per month. Meanwhile, the feature is also available to Plum Premium customers, at a monthly cost of £9.99.

Lia Papageorgiou, product manager at Plum, commented on the new feature launch. Papageorgiou explained: “Our new ‘Naughty Rule’ is a great example of automation enabling new and intuitive ways of saving more money. Our customers tell us that they spend a lot at the same retailers, so we have decided to give them a smart way of saving while they spend.

“McDonald’s is the second most popular retailer for our customers, for example, with an average of 17 transactions per year per customer. If a customer sets their ‘Naughty Rule’ to £10, that could be an extra £170 stashed away. Or, the ‘Naughty Rule’ could even act as a deterrent to spend in the first place. If saving more is your new year’s resolution, Plum’s smart rules will help you keep it!”

Plum’s new year resolutions

Plum’s new feature is timely, launching as many set new year resolutions to save money. Also in time for the new year was the launch of Plum’s newest TV ad in the UK.

The ad, which first aired on 2 January 2023, markets Plum as being the app that best enables financial well-being. The spot was created by the creative marketing company Founders Makers.

Plum’s advert promotes Plum’s ‘Money, Motivated’ tagline and introduces a ‘Life flows when your Money’s Motivated’ creative.

Olesya Nesterova, marketing director at Plum, commented: “We love the work that has been created by Founders Makers. They understood that we needed to land this new positioning, to ensure we achieve our ambitious growth plans for the year, and they have delivered beyond our expectations.

“Plum can help people in various ways with their money, whether it’s saving, investing or budgeting, so we’re particularly pleased the ad showcases our holistic offering so effectively. From the get-go, they understood the challenges that we, as a scaleup, face, and consistently brought creative solutions to the table.”


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