TFT Webinar Review Fighting fraud in digital on-boarding
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TFT Webinar Review: Fighting fraud in digital on-boarding

In this 60-minute webinar, We discussed new fraud issues based on increased digital applications, should the regulator be more specific in is adoption of identity solutions and whats the balance in a customer journey between fraud protection and customer experience.

With national lockdowns in place across the globe, customers are flocking online to purchase goods, apply for helicopter payments, payment holidays and loans. fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation. As a result, fraud prevention has become essential when protecting revenue streams during the crisis for businesses in all sectors and will help reduce the likelihood of them filing for insolvency following the pandemic

Our expert panel disused:

  • The increase in fraud due to the pandemic, did this contain new types of fraud we had not seen before.
  • The rate of change in technology and application methods, leading to holes that can be exploited.
  • The regulators digital checks and if they are specific enough.
  • How safe and secure are Government tracking apps going to be.

Simon Winchester, VP Sales EMEA at JUMIO
Riten Gohil, Partner, Director at Sphonic
Phil Rivers, VP of Operations at Funding Circle

Moderated by:
Mark Walker, Editorial Director at The Fintech Times

Watch the full recorded webinar below, please share with the #FintechTimesFightingFraud


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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