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Tandem Bank CEO Joins Pride Parade

Community Driven Bank Tandem will feature at Pride this year with their ‘Come Together’ campaign partnering with Soap Star Gemma Oaten and Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Lots Holloway and Ricky Knox will join the Parade.

The crowd-funded digital bank aims to support diversity and equality in the banking sector, supporting their employees and customers to be individual and ‘life rich’.

Tandem CEO Ricky Knox, who will be marching in the parade, says “We are very proud to be supporting Pride this year, the day is a hugely important celebration of life and love and we are thrilled to be taking part.”

This is the first commercial campaign from Tandem, which was built with the help of 11,000 co-founders and are now sharing their ‘life rich’ customer-driven services with people across the UK. Their app, card and savings accounts are designed to help people spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying life.

Ricky Knox adds; “as a challenger bank we feel it’s right that we help people challenge the status quo, the banking sector is severely failing when it comes to diversity in its workforce. We’re here to stand up for what we believe in; community driven business with people at its heart”.

Tandem are sponsoring the Backstage Area of the Women’s Stage in Leicester Square on Pride in London day as well as the VIP area which is home to a whole host of artists which are set to take to the stage to wow the crowds. The impressive line-up for this year’s Diva Women’s Stage includes singer-songwriter Lots Holloway, a Tandem Ambassador. In addition, look out for Tandem employees who will be joining the party in their flirtatious Come Together attire.

Come Together Ambassador Gemma Oaten says, “It’s really amazing to see start up companies like Tandem Bank getting behind initiatives like this. It really says a lot about where we are with equality right now. London Pride is one of the flagship Pride events internationally, it’s my fourth year marching in the parade and hanging out at the Diva area watching some inspiring female role models taking to the stage. It’s all about girl power this year.”

Come Together Ambassador Lots Holloway says, “I think it’s awesome that Tandem have partnered with Pride and Diva this year – I’m super psyched to perform to the crowds of Leicester Square but mostly excited to have a wicked day at Pride – it’s one of the happiest days in London.”

About Tandem

Tandem is the Good Bank. Built with over 11,000 cofounders, Tandem is an all-digital bank partnering with its customers to liberate them from money stress.

Tandem is reinventing banking by placing the customer at the heart of everything they do. As the Good Bank, Tandem are motivated by making the world a better place, with a goal to make their customers life-rich.

Tandem is here to save their customers money on the things that matter to them and help them to make money. The Tandem app uses innovative intelligence to proactively work with customers showing them what they can afford, helping them to borrow better, budget for upcoming payments and save on bills, avoiding sneaky fees and forgotten subscriptions – giving them more to spend on life.

They use leading financial aggregation and innovative technology to offer people insight and advice about the way they spend.

Tandem’s takeover of Harrods bank coupled with their intuitive app, growing range of products and commitment to customers makes them the Good Bank of the banking revolution.

Tandem Bank Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.


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