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Take Card Payments and Prepare the Future

Increasingly, people are using their cards to pay for good and services rather than relying on cash. In the future we may well be using other payment methods and different currencies to pay for what we need.  Right now, however, the public are using conventional currencies relying on card payment transactions.

As such, it makes sense for all businesses to obtain a card reader especially as they have come down in price considerably over the last year or two.

Utilising Near Field Communication

Card payment machines are a lot more viable for small business than they once were. Before they just existed in the realm of large corporate business. Now for an outlay of under £100 you can get up and running quickly. They utilise contactless by utilising Near Field Communication or NFC. This allows you to provide state of the art payment systems to your customers and clients. More importantly it allows you to compete with corporate giants.

This in itself creates new opportunities. You can now provide a more personal touch than corporate competitors when conducting transactions with customers and clients and build trust in your offering. This is very important to building your brand and allowing people to get to know you and your business. People appreciate it when you go the extra mile in terms of customer service.  They feel valued.

Card Payments are Here and Now

Card payments are what your clients and customers expect you to have. No matter if your business is a day old people simply do not want to carry cash. It also means that you do not have to have cash on the premises to give change. This is better security all around.

Thanks to the advent of mobile technology you can now take your card reader with you to a client or customer’s home. This allows you to get paid when on the road. Taking card payments no matter where you improve your revenue stream, means your customers and clients do not have to fiddle around with cash and again you are building your brand.

Accepting Card Payments and Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Being able to take card payments is important for any small to medium enterprise. Competing with the big corporates such as Amazon and Google is difficult so being able to accept card payments is essential. Furthermore, the more payment types you can take the better. It is better for your business and brand and better for your customers and clients.

Credit card payments are only part of the equation of course but an important one. Given the rise of other payment methods such as your phone or watch, this is going to be more important as time goes on. New methods of payment will be developed all the time. It is a good idea to get yourself equipped with a card reader to enable you to be paid and to offer the best customer service.

If you decided to get a card payment reader and you should, then you want to find one such as those offered by SumUp that offer both flexible use and take a wide range of cards.

Taking Credit Card Payments

It is essential you can take credit card payments. This is a must-have. The costs of implementation have been slashed as new providers have entered the market. Once the initial outlay has happened you pay a transaction fee for each transaction you make. The better providers offer a rate of less than 2% per transaction. You won’t have to take a big cut in profits for taking card payments.

Your customers expect card payments and they are highly secure. The information from the reader is encrypted at every stage. So the chances of fraud by somehow hacking the information as it travels through the air and down a broadband network are next to zero.

When a credit card payment is taken or a credit card app is used the card reader sends the transactions details via the internet. If no wi-fi is available this is done via a mobile network. With the number of options available in terms of reader types, including mobile options you can take a payment anywhere you can get online. This includes on the road or in your customer’s homes.

In terms of taking payments via mobile, this is done via your phone or the connectivity is built into the reader.

With the future seeing developments in AI and other areas that are set to make a profound impact in all areas of our lives and given the customer service you can offer simply by offering to take payments by card, getting your hands on a card reader now is a prudent move.

You can stay ahead of your competition, stay ahead of corporate giants, and make a living in increasingly competitive market places.


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