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TOP-5 blockchain-trends for 2017

  1. Moving on from the hype level to a stage of real business-projects. This will enable greater technology integration in classic business along with systems of state management. One of 2017’s trends will be setting up blockchain architecture for governments, along with the integration of the public sector with decentralised ecosystems.
  2. Development in two different directions: public and private blockchain. Private blockchain will be developed particularly rapidly in industries typified by large databases of information and supply chains – in which there’s a need for identification of goods and information at every stage. This trend will similarly firm up in the shape of corporate sector awareness of technology.
  3. ICO-mania and establishing ecosystems for accelerating start-ups in allied technology. Blockchain start-ups will sprout like mushrooms after a rainstorm, prompting infrastructure development for investment and the acceleration of ideas and projects.
  4. Blockchain will take hold in new directions, such as AR, VR and AI, where it can solve an ever-increasing range of tasks. A whole new range of applications will appear, including for B2B, and B2C.
  5. Regulatory control will intensify. Regulators are penetrating further and further into the innovation sector, where they will introduce various regulations and methods of control. It would be best, of course, if this all took place within the scope of ‘mutual learning’ (between the market and the regulators, and vice versa), by creating some kind of regulatory ‘sandbox’ for pilot technology roll-outs and identifying the conditions needed for successful business development.

Kate Shcheglova,

chief-in-editor of  “Future” magazine


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