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Digital Tokens: Will the Popularity of NFTs Endure?

Tyler Pathe
How have #NFTs become a stable of the art world, and will their popularity endure to excel them to the top of the #digitaltoken industry?...

Online Gaming Revenue Valued at $23.8billion Globally With China and the US Contributing 40% Of This

Francis Bignell
In the last five years, #onlinegames have generated $100bn in revenue globally, with @StatistaCharts predicting the yearly global revenue to be $28.5bn by 2023. #gametech...

Logiq’s New Super App Is Closing the Gap on Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Tyler Pathe
To better the rate of Indonesia's #financialinclusion, @LogiqInc is reportedly launching its first-ever #superapp in the region that combines all of its mobile e-commerce and...