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Lanceria Establishes Crypto-Friendly Commission-Free Gig Marketplace for Freelancers

Lanceria, a gig-economy marketplace featuring AI functionality, unveils its crypto-friendly platform to offer both freelancers and employers near-instant payment options.

Supporting near-minimal commissions for sellers and buyers, and a machine learning-based recommendations system, the platform will be powered by Lanceria’s native LANC token, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC has already garnered $1 million in presales and is set for a launch in the coming weeks, whilst LANC made its debut mid-June on DigiFinex.

Freelancers are projected to make up more than half of the U.S. workforce by 2027, according to Statista, in a trend driven by growing demand for professional flexibility and independence, alongside additional exacerbation being derived from rising unemployment during the pandemic. Most of the available gig marketplaces occur fees of up to 20% of their earnings on freelancers, who also routinely face payment delays of up to four weeks. The buyers are forced to pay overhead and often lack the hiring decision-support tools to pick the best freelancers for the job.

With this in consideration, it’s clear to see exactly why Lanceria is seeking to transform the currently outdated gig economy paradigm. By dramatically slashing commissions for both freelancers and service buyers, with the former relieved of any fees to focus entirely on the gig, we’re already seeing positive changes in the dynamics of freelancing.

For employers, the platform will charge between $1 and $5 for fiat transactions and 2% for crypto. Lanceria will speed up the payment process for both options, with fiat rewards taking up to a week to go through and crypto being processed instantly. Through the use of smart contracts, the platform will allow for funds transfer either upon project completion or upon hitting key milestones.

The company taps advanced machine learning techniques to bolster the user experience for both sellers and buyers. With an AI-enabled recommendations system in place, the platform matches businesses and individuals with the best freelancers to do the job based on their exact skill set and track record. The platform will also offer users an AI-powered tool to help them calculate their taxes based on their location data.

Lanceria is also reportedly launching a mentorship programme that will allow established independent contractors to benefit from delegating gigs to beginners. The platform will feature embeddable profiles for freelancers and employers, as well as an API and react plugin for web developers; allowing third-party websites to embed Lanceria-based marketplaces for gig workers. The platform’s additional features are expected to include an orangisation tool that will help freelancers keep track of their various gigs and deadlines.

Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO, Lanceria
Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO, Lanceria

“While more and more people choose freelancing to have more flexibility and freedom, the current platforms eat an unfair share of their revenues and limit their payment options,” says Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO of Lanceria. “We’re going to change the power dynamic in the freelancing ecosystem, relieving the financial stress on the gig workers while also equipping their employers with more data-driven tools to optimize their hiring.”


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