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UPI To Run In the UAE Market Following NPCI International Partnership With Mashreq

Tyler Pathe
A newly announced #partnership between @UPI_NPCI and @MashreqTweets will enable over 2 million Indians who travel to UAE for business or leisure purposes every year...

Ripple Joins SBI Remit to Launch on-Demand Liquidity Service in Japan

Tyler Pathe
The enterprise #blockchain and #cryptocurrency solutions provider @Ripple are joining forces with @SBIRemit to launch RippleNet’s first live On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service implementation in Japan....

Close Correlation Between International Remittance Services and Education; Finds WorldRemit

Tyler Pathe
The cross-border digital payments service @WorldRemit has found a strong correlation between the use of global remittance services and the level of international study. #InternationalRemittance...