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Plum’s Valuation Set to Triple With Launch of Fresh Crowdfunding Scheme

Tyler Smith
The European money management app @withplum is set to offer its customers a stake in the company through the launch of a new customer-focused #crowdfundingcampaign....

AllianceBlock’s Roadmap Shows How the Company Will Bridge the Gap Between DeFi and TradFi

Francis Bignell
As the #DeFi industry grows, it disrupts the flow of #TradFi. @AllianceBlock have set out a roadmap to bring the two #financial worlds together. #blockchain...

Royal Park Partners: Behind the Boom – Why US Investors Are Looking Into London Fintech

Tyler Smith
As London continues to soak up 90% of US investment into EU fintech, John Clark of #RoyalParkPartners discusses why this is, and what the city's...